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5 Wrestlers who will forever be associated with the Intercontinental Championship

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The Perfect Pairing - The Miz and Intercontinental Championship
The Perfect Pairing - The Miz and Intercontinental Championship

As one of the oldest professional wrestling titles in the history, the Intercontinental Title is treated with a lot of respect by both wrestlers and their fans. Often regarded as the stepping stone to the World Title, the IC Title has been held by some of the biggest names that are or have been part of the industry in the past.

Throughout its 40 year history, the title has seen more ups and downs than a roller coaster ride. While the magnificent work by champions like Randy Savage and Bret Hart earned it the nickname of the Workhorse's Title, others like Santino Marella only devalued the prestige of the title.

Having been held by 80 different superstars, the title has been associated with a lot of wrestlers in the past and has catapulted several superstars to the main event scene, such as Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Triple H and Chris Jericho. Here are 5 such wrestlers who will be associated with WWE Intercontinental Title.

#5 Pat Patterson

The inaugural WWE Intercontinental Champion.
The inaugural WWE Intercontinental Champion.

If you are the first ever holder of a professional wrestling title, then there is a good chance that you might get associated with it throughout your lifetime. Just go ask Finn Balor. Well, maybe not every time.

Anyway, as the first ever holder of the Intercontinental Champion, WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson has ensured that his name will be taken every time the title is defended on a major show. As the biggest heel of his time, Patterson helped solidify the Intercontinental Title during its early days with his solitary reign of 233 days.

Even after his retirement, WWE has made sure to remember Patterson's contribution towards the title by occasionally bringing him to award the title to the winner when the title is vacated following an injury, hence keeping him aligned with his biggest prize.

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