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5 Wrestlers with cult followings

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Shark Boy
Shark Boy

Wrestlers such as Stone Cold Steve Austin and Ric Flair have millions of fans and enjoy astounding popularity, even years after their retirement. However, there is a certain breed of wrestlers who seem to inspire a cult-like dedication in their fanbase.

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While they may not have as many fans as the major names in the business, and may not even have held a major title or worked for a major promotion, they still have a fanatical base that will travel hundreds of miles to see their matches and follow their every word on social media.

It's the fan's right to cheer for whoever they wish; It comes with the price of a ticket or a click on a link. But these wrestlers have fans that take it to the next level. Here are five wrestlers with cult followings.

#1 Colt Cabana

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Wrestling's resident comedian is winding down his in-ring career, but he remains a fixture on social media. His podcast is garnering major mainstream attention because of a connection to CM Punk's civil suit.

He had a blink-and-you-miss-it run with the WWE years ago, as Scotty Goldman, but was quickly released along with a slew of newer talent before he could get any momentum going.

Colt Cabana breaks the stereotype of a typical wrestler, choosing to showcase his sunny personality and sense of humour rather than apoplexy and threats.

Why he has a cult following: Colt Cabana is funny, first and foremost. Entertaining the fans goes a long way toward garnering their respect. But Cabana also seems approachable, like someone a fan could sit down and have a beer with. It's his common man vibe and humorous antics that make his fan base so dedicated.

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