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5 wrestlers WWE seems to have finally gotten right and 5 that need working on

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The major problem always with wrestlers is how they are booked. The very fact that someone like Daniel Bryan who might not look very dominating in the ring is an upper-card wrestler with the likes of Triple H, John Cena and Randy Orton speaks a lot about how bookings can push wrestlers. On the other hand, wrestlers who might give a really dominating appearance in the ring can suffer a lot if the bookings are weak.

While I do understand, appearance doesn't count for everything for a wrestler to connect with the audience, there are wrestlers who are immensely talented but just doesn't seem to have hit the right nerve yet. Talented wrestlers with great mic skills have still not found great footing in WWE and this is merely because WWE has no idea what to do with them.

There are several reasons for this. Possibly the fact that WWE's roster is filled with budding talent and over-packed locker room. But still, WWE always decides to push its old superstars and main-event their pay-per-views with returning wrestlers. In other cases, sometimes wrestlers who make sporadic appearances speaks headline main events speaks volume about this issue.

But WWE seems to have gotten so many things right in this year, and the flip side, a couple of things wrong as well. Let's discuss the 5 wrestlers WWE seems to have finally gotten right and 5 they need working on.

Right - Randy Orton

Randy Orton
Randy Orton

Randy Orton's heel turn is a blessing in disguise. Truth be told, Orton's career did take a low patch a couple of years back and even after winning the Royal Rumble, he did not make such a huge impact. And Randy Orton did the right thing after turning heel. The outstanding promo worked in favour of Randy Orton about how he addressed his constant appearance on the show since the last 18 years to the WWE Universe.

Randy Orton looks to be in great space and his current feud with Jeff Hardy looks like the best feud of WWE without any title on the line.

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