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5 wrestling factions that ended sooner than they should have

Marc Madison
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images via where does this forgotten group rank in our list of those that ended far too soon?
Where does this forgotten group rank on our list of those that ended far too soon?

Factions are a group of talented male and female wrestlers that have come together to make a statement. Throughout history, there have been a number of groups that have been beloved and revered during their time together. Some of these factions achieved a great deal of notoriety and will go down as among the best ever.

Factions could be fantastic in that they were new and interesting and unlike anything we've seen before. Their new and innovative look resonated, their cutting-edge and contemporary style was exciting to watch. The factions were creative and funny in and out of the ring. They have had a great build and an exciting following.

However, some factions, good as they seemed, were cut short, perhaps because creative didn't know how to develop them more; regardless, they were unquestionably different from the norm.

They attempted to blaze a trail of innovation, only to be sadly lost in the creative shuffle. What would have happened if they were given more time to succeed? How could they have been better developed? Here are five wrestling factions that ended too soon.

#5 Filthy Animals

images via Mysterio, Kidman, Konnan, Guerrero and Torrie Wilson were such an underated group that deserved more in WCW.
Mysterio, Kidman, Konnan, Guerrero and Torrie Wilson were an underrated group.

When friends have an opportunity to come together with the result, is often exciting to watch, in development and execution. That was the case for this faction of friends, consisting of Konnan, Kidman, Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero.

When speaking with Konnan in the past about this group, he said that the concept of the group was simple: “…if they are going to bury us, might as well bury us together,” with ‘they' being WCW. The group officially came about during an on-screen interview where Kidman said they were friends that were ‘just a bunch of filthy animals'.

The group's camaraderie and ability to work together make them fun to watch. From stealing wallets to mocking older wrestlers, this young and athletic group loved to have fun and fans had fun watching them.

Much like Degeneration X, their often silly and inappropriate antics made them easy to enjoy and had fans clamouring for more. They were unfortunately not given the time to develop like fans would have hoped, and sadly split up before they got completely over with the crowd.

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