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5 Wrestling Legends That Never Wrestled In The WWE

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Kenny Omega is the second straight non-WWE wrestler named Number 1 in the world by Pro Wrestling Illustrated, topping their illustrious PWI 500 list. Omega has unseated the man he defeated for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, Kazuchika Okada who topped the list in 2017. This is the second time in the 28 year history the annual list of the 500 best in pro wrestling, where non-WWE performers have topped the ranking in consecutive years.

Could this be another sign that you don't need the WWE to be a legend in professional wrestling anymore?

Here is a list of some other wrestling legends who never wrestled in the WWE.

#5 Magnum TA

Magnum TA

Magnum TA career was on the rise in the mid-80s, where he primarily worked for Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling. On Oct 14, 1986, Magnum's career was cut short after a car accident nearly took his life. Magnum's style would have been perfect for the WWE and it is unfortunate that fans never got to see him tie things up with some of the members of the mid-80s WWE roster. 

#4 Nikita Koloff

Nikita Koloff

Another big name from the mid-80's that never made the jump to WWE was Nikita Koloff. The menacing Russian is remembered for great matches with Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair and Magnum TA. Nikita Koloff did catch the eye of Vince McMahon but never made the transition to WWE, who already had a menacing Russian of their own during the mid-80's. 

#3 Kevin Sullivan

Kevin Sulliv
Kevin Sullivan

Some would argue that Kevin Sullivan wasn't a great wrestler, but his impact on wrestling, specifically within WCW cannot be ignored. The Taskmaster was the scourge of WCW terrorizing everyone from The Four Horsemen and Sting to Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan with his Three Faces Of Fear and The Dungeon Of Doom, which featured menacing members like Kamala, Meng, The One Man Gang and The Giant.


#2 Abdullah The Butcher

Abdullah The Butcher

The "Madman from Sudan" enjoyed great success in AWA, WCCW, WCW and outside the U.S. in Japan and Puerto Rico, but never in the WWE. Known for his brutal matches, often employing a fork as a weapon, the 400-pound monster was hardcore before hardcore was even a term used in wrestling. His impact on the wrestling world has been recognized by the WWE, having been inducted into the Hall Of Fame. 

#1 The Great Muta

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The Great Muta

Internationally known, The Great Muta mesmerized audiences predominantly in Japan with his unique style, strong in-ring performance and aura of mystery. A legendary rivalry with the icon, Sting in WCW help introduce The Great Muta to North American audiences, but one can only imagine the epic matches The Great Muta could have had against the likes of Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart or The Undertaker. 

Time will tell if Kenny Omega, Kazuchika Okada or any of the other batch of young wrestlers making a name for themselves outside the WWE will transition to what some consider 'The Top Of The Mountain'. Currently, they seem to be doing fine outside of the WWE, so here the question remains, why ruin a good thing? 

What do you think of the chances of the NJPW and ROH Stars making their ways to WWE? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.