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3 Wrestling legends that were fake, and 5 that might be real

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Fans speculated for years as to the cause of Hogan
Fans speculated for years as to the cause of Hogan's black eye at WM 9.

In a business as zany as professional wrestling, there are bound to be numerous incidents that defy description or logic.

This is going to be true any time you have a group of people traveling together. Speculation becomes rumor, and rumor becomes an urban legend. The fans certainly don't help matters either, coming up with their own wild theories and abject fantasies of what goes on 'behind the curtain' in sports entertainment.

Some myths persist to this day, despite evidence to the contrary, while others that are dismissed are actually true. Here are five wrestling rumors that turned out to be false, and five that might be for real.

False: There were two Ultimate Warriors

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Just to be clear, there is only one man who has portrayed the Ultimate Warrior character; Jim "Warrior" Hellwig. However, the rumor still persists that he was replaced by a ringer at one point in his career, with the culprit usually being depicted as Kerry Von Erich.

This was due to Warrior taking some time off from the ring, and returning with a different look. His hair had been dyed a lighter color and was longer, his ring gear had become more colorful, and--most confusing for fans, and likely the start of the urban legend--he had a much leaner physique.

The truth was, Warrior leaned up to deal with health issues, and to improve his movement in the ring. Still, despite the evidence, there are fans who believe that one of the Warriors was an imposter.

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