5 wrestling promotions purchased by Vince McMahon

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Modified 26 Oct 2016
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In the mid-late 90s, professional wrestlers had 2 major companies to choose from- WWF and WCW, to pursue a lucrative career.

As of today, hey, there are several places to work, but there’s only just one place for business if you know what we mean. And with TNA being sued by a different party every single week, career opportunities are looking bleaker than ever for the sports entertainment world.

Now, it is rumoured that Vince McMahon wants to take over TNA, to get a hold of their video library and put it on the WWE Network.

But if these rumours are true, this won’t be the first time that he’s purchased a company in his quest to monopolise professional wrestling. This educational article will travel through time, and take a look at all the companies that Vincent Kennedy McMahon has bought over several long years.

#5 ECW

ECW was the brand for the smart wrestling fan

Today, we only relate Paul Heyman with Brock Lesnar. But the beast’s advocate once ran his own wrestling promotion, a company that catered to the more vocal, hardcore fan who wanted wrestling entertainment that did not cater to kids.

In doing so, ECW became a name that is spoken of with great fondness even today, known for revolutionising breakneck action and hardcore wrestling. For all its acclaim, the company only lasted a total of 9 years, before Paul Heyman would declare bankruptcy and Vince McMahon would purchase the company.

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ECW would be relaunched by Vince McMahon in the year 2006, and run until 2010 when it would be replaced by NXT. Several ECW stars went on to become big WWE names, such as RVD and Rhyno. 

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Published 26 Oct 2016
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