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Top 5 WWE anti-authority angles

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The tales filling WWE's storybook are full of people who buck authority and go on to greatness. Fans have always rallied behind people who look at their bosses and decide to go the other direction if anything because they envy their ability to do so.

This is no new idea to pro wrestling but it works very well. This is why a good ol' fashioned anti-authority angle can do the trick in kicking a program into high gear.

Here is a list of five times a Superstar or Superstars have gone against the establishment in order to get to the top using their own career path.

#1 D-Generation X

Were they
Were they the best stable ever?

When you're talking about D-Generation X's battles with authority you have to chose which one to highlight first. These guys battled with many regimens thought the existence of the stable, starting with Sgt. Slaughter and moving up to Vince McMahon later on.

They've put the band back together on many occasions and been a pain in the authority's neck the entire time while loving every second of it. Their juvenile antics have become the stuff of legend and nobody will forget the first time they heard an entire arena yell "suck it!"

It's ironic to think about where Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and Road Dogg are now because they are in positions of authority in WWE. But it all started with one simple question which is still being asked to this day: "Are you ready?"

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