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5 WWE backstage fights you are unaware of 

Jake Smith
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#4 Vader and Paul Orndorff

Vader and Paul Orndorff fought because of a simple misunderstanding
Vader and Paul Orndorff fought because of a simple misunderstanding

“A simple misunderstanding can ruin a friendship,” this saying totally fits in this context.

In 1995, Vader came late to the show, and it angered Paul Orndorff who took it as unprofessional behavior. However, Vader had a reason for being late to the show. WCW’s owner, Eric Bischoff planned a photo shoot for him without informing anyone about it. This simple misunderstanding created havoc backstage in WCW.

Orndorff yelled at him, and then started attacking. The big man tried to handle things without going physical, but things became intense that he had lost his cool and slapped him. As per Vader, there was a steel shed near the place which would have hit Orndorff had he not been inches away from it.

"There was this steel shed that they had these big, giant steel tools in [that were used] to put the ring together and his head must have missed that by three inches," White recalls. "My God, if the back of his head would have hit that, he could have been hurt and killed, and I would have been in jail.

He then avoided any physical altercation, but Paul kept hitting him. Vader then face locked him but then, the officials separated them. He then invited him to the parking lot but it didn’t happen and the things settled between the two.

You can see the interview where Vader discussed this incident in detail: