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5 WWE Conspiracy Theories Debunked

Rohit Nath
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Wrestling is a crazy world. While kayfabe was quite intact in the 20th century, the age of the internet brought a complete change to wrestling - from the fanbase to the perception of the product.

There were old internet forums and chat rooms back in the day where hardcore fans would sit and discuss wrestling, but it wasn't as widespread as it is now. Today in the age of internet, a widespread fanbase is well aware of the workings of the business, including rumours and backstage stories.

During this period, a vast array of conspiracy theories have floated around. While some are realistic, there have been some that have fallen under the category of outright bizarre! This list takes a look at the line in between, with conspiracy theories that may have little substance to it but are ultimately untrue. We debunk these theories for you.

#5 Daniel Bryan wasn't cleared because it would affect Roman Reigns' push

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There's no denying that WWE has gone out of their way to push Roman Reigns. He's Vince McMahon's personal project and for years was pushed heavily so he could succeed John Cena as the face of the company.

Superstars such as Dean Ambrose and even Braun Strowman, who had serious momentum heading into WrestleMania lost it in favour of Roman Reigns, who the fans continually rejected. This obviously isn't a criticism on Reigns but management, rather.

But either way, Daniel Bryan was forced to retire in 2016 and over the course of the following year, he openly stated his desire to return to the ring, saying that only WWE doctors hadn't cleared him.

However, there was a theory going around that Daniel Bryan was not being medically cleared because it would affect Roman Reigns' push (his popularity dwindled as fans preferred Daniel Bryan over him in 2016).

However, now that all is said and done, it's quite clear that WWE was not holding Bryan back. Bryan himself stated that he understood why WWE did what they did. They're a publicly traded company and if anything were to happen on him, it would reflect badly on them.

Now that he was medically cleared in early 2018, it puts that little conspiracy theory to rest.

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