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5 WWE Couples Who Dated On and Off Screen

The heart wants what the heart wants - even in professional wrestling

Happily married and WWE-free!

Love is in the air. Everywhere you look around.

For WWE superstars, it’s only natural that love evolves inside a wrestling ring. Close proximity to the co-workers. Many days on the road. It’s not conducive to meeting a soulmate in the “normal” ways of dating.

WWE has frowned on relationships of late, most notably Rusev and Lana and Paige and Alberto Del Rio. But in many cases, the heart wants what the heart wants, and when creative writers come up with pairings of men and women as partners on screen, in many cases those relationships take things to another level. Add the title of “Love Doctor” to Vince McMahon’s many jobs in the business.

Some relationships are extremely public like Triple H and Chyna were. Some are very private (Stacy Keibler and Test). Others are odd combinations (AJ Lee and CM Punk) and some just make no sense (Keibler and David Flair). In any event, WWE is a breeding ground for love and romance.

Here are five on-screen couples who dated in real life.

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