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5 WWE female Superstars who used to be cheerleaders

Give me an A.. actually, don't.

Top 5 / Top 10 16 Mar 2017, 17:14 IST
Eve is sorely missed in the WWE

Throughout the history of the WWE, many Superstars have been known to have interesting careers prior to joining the professional wrestling business. Some of them make you question why they even transitioned into this line of work, and others make you feel extremely sorry for them.

This particular category, ironically enough, doesn't really fall into either of those definitions.

Cheerleading has always been a good way to spot top level talent that could become pro wrestlers, and it's no surprise that all five women on this list have been successful in the WWE with four of them winning a world title. The question is, will any of you be surprised by the Superstars that feature on this list? Probably not.

But that's not the point. The point is that these women are all extremely multi-talented and have been able to adapt to an entirely new lifestyle with flawless ease. They're all in terrific shape and they are true role models when it comes to the kind of dedication that is required to become a solidified member of the WWE roster.

If you want motivation, then look towards these girls. With that said, here are five WWE female superstars who used to be cheerleaders.

#1 Eve Torres

Eve is extremely multi-talented

Eve Torres is certainly in the running for the title of most underrated female wrestler of all time. During her run with WWE, she showed a range of talents, with her in-ring skill improving every week alongside her phenomenal character development.

Hell, she was even in regular main event segments at one point during a great run as an authoritative heel.

But what some people may not know is that she originally started out as a cheerleader. Torres was a part of the Los Angeles Clippers dance team prior to coming to the WWE, with the company clearly seeing something in Torres when it came to her presence and ability.

Either way, we're just thankful that we had a few years of seeing her compete on a regular basis.

Can you feel the glow?

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