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5 WWE finishers with the coolest names

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Sting and Triple H
Sting and Triple H

There is one thing that all wrestling fans can agree upon and it's the fact that there's nothing more mesmerizing than seeing our favorite wrestlers hitting their finishing moves and laying out an unfortunate soul.

The name associated with the finisher is also a major selling point as it can be used to invoke fear and add depth to the overall character of the wrestler.

So, which finishers have the coolest names in the WWE? Here are the five best finisher names!

(Honorable Mentions: End Of Days, Shatter Machine, Sweet Chin Music, The Last Ride)

 #5 Doomsday Device (LOD)

Just the face you make as an opponent when you know you're up for a long night ahead.

The 'Legion Of Doom' is regarded as one of the most influential tag teams in the history in the wrestling business, and rightly so. Hawk and Animal were never the most technically gifted men between the ropes, but when a wrestler's gimmick revolves around beating people senseless and dumping their lifeless bodies onto the ground for a pinfall, you just don't feel the need to perform chin locks and moonsaults.

The name of their finisher also played a huge role in skyrocketing the overall appeal of the duo. One closer look, and you can see that ‘Doomsday Device’ is basically a clothesline from the top rope while one of them lifts the opponent in an electric chair position; hardly eye-catching for today's audience.

However, strictly judging by the name, it's hard to argue with the inclusion of this maneuver onto the list. In addition, the team's rough execution always made the move look even more devastating and painful.

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