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5 former WWE writers: Where are they now?

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Can you deal with the wrath of the boss?
Can you deal with the wrath of the boss?

In a job that involves countless hours cooped up in a plane travelling from city to city, that sees your work rewritten seemingly on a whim, and where you need to remember to avoid using even the most straightforward of wrestling lingo, there’s little wonder we see a fairly high turnover of WWE writers.

But what do the guys get up to once they’re out of that daily grind and back in the realm of relative normality?

Luckily, we have ourselves some answers, thanks to various names whose future endeavours have seen them drift back into the limelight for all kinds of reasons. Whether it’s due to the way in which they left the company in the first place, the work they’ve done since departing WWE, or simply for dishing some dirt on life behind the scenes with their former employers—there are some interesting tales to be told by ex-Creative Team staff.

Here, we check-up on five former WWE writers, noting their current whereabouts, their claims to fame (or infamy), and of course the obligatory gossip that comes with working for the biggest pro wrestling company in the world.

#1 Chris DeJoseph

Enter captio
AKA Big Dick Johnson

Chris DeJoseph was a part of the Creative Team for six long years between 2004 and 2010. That means his tenure coincided with angles such as Mr McMahon’s staged death stunt, as well as his own personal highlight in the form of Edge’s live sex celebration from the Jan 9, 2006, showing of Raw.

He also claims the dubious honour of being afforded his own on-screen role under the ill-fated Big Dick Johnson guise. And if that’s a reference that’s lost on you, it may be best to keep it that way...

Still, that gimmick wasn’t enough to put him off the wrestling business altogether. Today, he very much remains in the industry as a co-executive producer of Lucha Underground, where his WWE connections helped him play a part in bringing in the likes of John Morrison and Matt Striker.

You may also have heard his name bandied about in light of recent allegations made about WWE approaching Lucha Underground talent. In January of last year, he very publicly—and boldly—claimed that his former employers had “basically tried to sign our entire roster, and pretty much tried to shut us down”.

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