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WWE Hell in a Cell 2017: Ranking the 5 biggest spots from the show

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A night nobody will soon forget

Hell In A Cell delivered in many ways. There were several points throughout the night which caused fans all over the world to bite their fingernails and hope for the best. The SmackDown Live roster brought a real show to Detroit and that's an understatement.

Although a couple of the matches could have been better, it might be possible they were eclipsed by the amazing spot-filled matches surrounded them.

There were plenty of amazing moments from Hell In A Cell, but these are five of the biggest. Even though they might not all be "high spots", each one of them is significant in telling the story as WWE continues after this amazing event.

#5 The SmackDown Tag Team Title Match

Innovative tag team offence keeps getting better

The New Day and The Usos have put each other through wars in the past couple of months. This is why a WWE Network collection is planned for these two teams sooner than later. Hell In A Cell opened up with an amazing display of what you can put your body through and still walk away.

This match was full of high spots and dangerous action. Big E hit one of his amazing suicide diving shoulder tackles through the ropes and took a brunt of the damage from the cell wall.

One of the earliest spots in this match saw Woods wrapped a chain around his fist as Big E lifted him up to send his armoured fist down on his opponent in a brutal display.

There was a spot where The New Day kept fishing musical instruments out from under the ring as well. It started with an extra trombone after Woods smashed Francesca 2000 Turbo over his opponent's back. Then Big E pulled out a gong and a cowbell to boot because he was in the zone.

Like something out of a crazy prisoner of war movie, The Usos handcuffed Xavier Woods' hands together and hung him up on the ring post. Jimmy and Jey then took turns whacking Woods with a kendo stick. There was nothing Woods could do but take the damage.

There was also an incredible spot where Big E hit a side slam off the apron while Woods slid underneath to get his knees up. Xavier just had a knee injury scare therefore that knee brace had to hurt a lot.

This was an amazing opening match.

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