5 WWE Legends Who Could Be Surprise Royal Rumble Entrants

  • These legendary figures could shock the world at this month's Royal Rumble with surprise appearances.
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Could The Rock or Undertaker surprise the wrestling world?
Could The Rock or Undertaker surprise the wrestling world?

Sure, the WWE may harp on about WrestleMania being the Showcase of the Immortals and the Grandest Stage of Them All – and it most certainly is – but the Royal Rumble is often the favourite annual PPV of many a wrestling fan.

Since its inception in 1988, the Rumble has gone on to be one of the most enjoyable events on the wrestling calendar. More often than not there tends to be a brilliant match or two on the main card, but it’s the Royal Rumble bout itself that has the attention of us all.

In that over-the-top-rope extravaganza, we get to see some of the biggest names in the business collide as they look to grab their ticket to WrestleMania. Away from that spectacle, of course, one of the other main attractions of the Rumble match is waiting to see which surprise entrants turn up to make an appearance.

This is the chance where legends, icons and stars of yesteryear get to perform inside a WWE ring for one more time; more often than not for one final time. For the talent, this is one more moment in the spotlight, whereas for the fans it’s one more chance to watch one of their all-time favourites lace up the boots again.

With that in mind, then, let’s take a look at 5 legendary figures who could make a surprise appearance in the 2019 Royal Rumble.

5) Jake Roberts

Could Jake the Snake slither his way into the Royal Rumble?
Could Jake the Snake slither his way into the Royal Rumble?

Here’s one for you: how about we finally get one last Royal Rumble appearance from Jake “The Snake” Roberts?

Hall of Famer Roberts has often talked over the past few years about wanting to have one final Rumble outing, and it’s seen by him and many others to be the final piece of his redemption story.

For decades Roberts has had his well-publicised demons, but 2015’s The Resurrection of Jake the Snake documentary highlighted the tough and long road that Jake has been on over the past several years as he looks to put his problems behind him once and for all.


To many longtime fans, one of the true highlights of watching the annual Royal Rumble match is waiting to see which names from the past return for a one-off appearance. From Kevin Nash, to DDP, to Honky Tonk Man, to Mr. Perfect, to Booker T, to Mick Foley, and so, so many more, the Rumble has been a brilliant place for legends to have one more day in the spotlight. And if there’s anyone who deserves that one last time to shine, it’s Jake Roberts.

All Jake would need to do is come out, drop a few people with his patented DDT, get quickly eliminated, and that’s that. A small moment of acknowledgement for one of the business’ greatest ever in-ring masters.

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Published 03 Jan 2019, 01:06 IST
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