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5 WWE legends who will never get involved with wrestling again

Josh Coulson
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Professional wrestling is clearly an extremely hard business to tear yourself away from. There are so many Superstars that try to retire but no matter what they do, they always seem to come crawling back in one way or another.

It may not be to wrestle either. The likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin and X-Pac make sporadic appearances for WWE as well as hosting their own podcasts, while Mick Foley has been a commissioner, a General Manager, and has his own show on the WWE Network.

When some wrestlers leave WWE and the pro wrestling business though, they mean it. Some start families while others venture off into completely different careers.

It's not completely unheard of for Superstars to leave the business for good, and here are five examples of wrestlers who you'll likely never see get involved in pro wrestling ever again.

#5 Bret Hart

Bret Hart
Bret Hart

Bret Hart was gone from WWE for an awfully long time. Yes, he wrestled for WCW during that absence, but his heart was never really in it. The Montreal Screwjob in 1997 really killed Bret's love of the business and started him on a slippery slope.

It took a long time for "The Hitman" to forgive WWE and Vince McMahon for what they did to him on that fateful night. Eventually, he did though and on an edition of Raw 2009 he returned and was the guest host of the show.

Bret's return signalled the end of a long path. One man that WWE thought they would never rebuild that bridge with.

Since then, however, Hart has been very critical of some of what WWE has been doing, in particular, Seth Rollins whom the former WWE Champion believes to be a dangerous worker. His views will likely halt another return to the business for him, and at this point, it's unlikely that he really cares.

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