5 WWE let downs of 2017

How you doing, 2017?

WWE is a subjective art form because some things might not ring a bell with certain fans while others are very successful. But there were a handful of things that happened during the 12 months of 2017 that made a majority of people groan in disappointment.

So let's take a look back and pinpoint 5 of the biggest let downs 2017 gave the WWE Universe.

#1 Kurt Angle's Big Reveal

What a
What a reveal!

For weeks, Kurt Angle was caught messing around on his phone and looking worried in the process. There was apparently a big secret floating around out there and Corey Graves was in the middle of it for some reason. Graves had previously busted open the "Who attacked Enzo and Cass" storyline and he was on to "Project Protect Angle's Secret" next. Graves really was quite an investigative reporter for a while.

But when Kurt Angle's big reveal finally took place it turned out his big secret was that he was Jason Jordan's birth father. Fans who were hoping his secret was Dixie Carter were quite bummed, to say the least, and since then, the attempt to get this program over has yet to see much success.

Of course, this is still an ongoing storyline and things could turn around as Dean Ambrose's injury turned out to be an opening for Jordan to step in as a top babyface. But it's pretty easy to see that the initial announcement of Kurt Angle's secret was a big let down.

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Edited by Nishant Jayaram
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