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5 WWE Raw Superstars who must turn heel to rejuvenate their careers 

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CM Punk turned heel on Raw 1000

A good heel/face turn can turn a superstar's career on its head. The Rock would have never become the global megastar he is today if he did not turn heel early in his career, and John Cena would never have become the icon he is today if his initial heel run didn't happen.

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Similarly, an already established name can revolutionise the industry upon turning heel/face. Hulk Hogan changed the entire landscape of Pro Wrestling when he turned heel in WCW, and everyone's jaw dropped when CM Punk attacked The Rock and turned heel on Raw 1000.

Similarly, certain superstars have also saved their careers by turning face/heel. Becky Lynch is a very recent example of that.

Lets take a look at five superstars in WWE today who desperately need a turn in order to save their careers.

#5 Sasha Banks and Bayley

Sasha Banks and Bayley

The Sasha Banks and Bayley feud has reached a point where fans find it hard to care about either of them. They started feuding sometime in late 2017, and it is still going on. The almost 1-year long feud has had absolutely no payoff yet.

Sasha Banks had teased a heel turn for about 3 months before Bayley showed some real signs of turning heel by attacking Banks on Raw. However nothing happened, and they continued their confusing feud.

This on and off friendship reached its pinnacle a few weeks ago when they formed a tag team named 'The Boss 'n Hug Connection'. If that isn't cringe-worthy, I don't know what is.

This ridiculous booking of the pair is expected to end at WWE Evolution where a singles match between the two is expected to take place, with one of them finally turning heel.

We all know Sasha Banks is a natural heel. On the other hand, the crowd popped really loud when Bayley teased a heel turn instead of The Boss. Either way, the fans will accept both heel characters. One of them just needs to turn.

If either turns, it will probably be one of the longest drawn out turns in the history of WWE. But it should also add something to their match at Evolution. The fans will not care much about the match anyway. But a Bayley heel turn could save her nearly ruined career.

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