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5 WWE segments fans thought weren't scripted but actually were

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Edge and Matt Hardy
Edge and Matt Hardy

Professional wrestling is scripted. It's one of life's certainties along with death, taxes, and all that other jazz. But, once in a while, something happens inside a wrestling ring that makes fans question if what they're seeing is actually scripted or has someone gone rogue? After all, the segments that create the most buzz are the ones which blur the line between real and "fake".

While some of these moments are indeed professional wrestlers going off script and shooting on the situation, there are times when kayfabe is thrown out of the window in order to generate some real interest in the storyline. Today, we're here to set the record straight on five such instances.

So, without any further ado, here is our list of five professional wrestling segments fans though weren't scripted but actually were:

#5 The Game is born

Back when Triple H was an upper mid-carder aspiring for main event success, there was an interview with JR where he completely broke kayfabe in order to make his point. He spoke about how he didn't care about anybody in a position of power, how he was punished after "The Curtain Call" incident, and how he would be a main event player, no matter the odds.

While it seemed like Trips had gone into business for himself, this was actually an approved promo interview in order to get "The Game" established as a major threat.

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