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5 WWE Stables You Forgot Existed

Jordan Stynes
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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 18:56 IST

Reject Nexus

Every wrestling fan loves a good faction. When, done right factions are one of the most interesting aspects of professional wrestling.

The premise is simple: a group of talented wrestlers or outcasts come together to achieve a goal. WCW created two of the most successful factions ever in the New World Order and The Four Horsemen. WWE has created huge hits such as D-Generation X, The Shield and Evolution. However, the WWE also has a history of factions that failed miserably.

WWE has created factions that were so pointless, fans don't even remember they existed. These factions failed for many reasons. Either the stable members were not talented enough to get over, or the WWE did not push them enough. The stables on this list range from disasters to wasted potential. Here are 5 WWE stables you forgot existed.

#5. The Corre

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Why did they spell Core wrong?

The Nexus had the potential to be one of the all-time great factions in wrestling history. Their surprise debut is still one of the most shocking and memorable moments ever on RAW. Unfortunately, due to poor booking (and John Cena's ego) the buzz around The Nexus fizzled out and the original group faded into obscurity.

CM Punk took over and renamed the group "The New Nexus". Wade Barrett, Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel moved to Smackdown and formed "The Corre". Eventually former ECW Champion (the bad ECW) Ezekiel Jackson joined the group and completed the lineup for one of the most awkward stables ever.

They had badly designed T-Shirts and spelled "Core" like "Corre" for some odd reason. They had no purpose and shuffled around the mid-card for the majority of their existence. They lost their only Wrestlemania match against The Big Show, Kane, Kofi Kingston and Santino Marella in a couple of minutes and disbanded shortly after.

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Published 27 Sep 2018, 19:12 IST
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