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5 WWE stars and their interesting comments on Brock Lesnar's F-5

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Brock lesnar
The Beast has laid waste to many WWE superstars

If there ever was one wrestler that put the fear into not only his opponents but also in the millions of fans watching either live or on television, it has to be Brock Lesnar.

Ever since The Beast debuted in a WWE ring in 2002 as The Next Big Thing, Lesnar has ripped the wrestling apple cart and ensured, at least from the early 2000s, that he would be one of the most talked about athletes in the squared circle.

The South Dakota born star always had a liking for physical sports as during his college days wrestling and football were his two passions.

Lesnar is a two-time NCAA All-American and finished his college career with an incredible 106-5 record.

Of course, all this would mean squat if he couldn't back it up in the ring, and boy, Lesnar is still one of most brutal stars in the WWE. His move set is all about raw power and apart from taking his opponents to Suplex City, his devastating finisher is something that almost everyone has an opinion about.

The F-5 is a rating on the Fujita scale to rate the destruction of a tornado and the WWE certainly named the finisher perfectly. Lesnar's ability to lift every single one of his opponents and twist them around before dropping them down made them look like a sack of potatoes.

While we are still in awe of the destruction The Beast brings to the ring on a regular basis, here are some current and former WWE superstars who spoke out about Lesnar's F5.

#5 Jerry Lawler

The King is one of those most experienced wrestlers in the WWE and has spent a lot of years not only being the champion in the ring but also commentating on almost every single Superstar that we may know off.

The former champion hasn't faced the brunt of an F-5 yet but that didn't stop him from adding his little snippet on how destructive the move really is.

While speaking on a WWE documentary about the 50 greatest finishing moves, The King said:

"It was scary to watch and I know even more scary to feel!"

The King should be happy that he is one of a handful of people not to have faced the wrath of The Beast. If he did, we would never have heard the end of it but it would have been a little funny to actually listen to what he felt the F-5 is all about.

For now, we should just be glad The King didn't get pummelled by The Beast.

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