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5 WWE stars who weren’t ready for their first World Title

Harry Kettle
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Oh it's true..
Oh, it's true

While only a handful of superstars will ever know what it feels like to hold the WWE Championship or World Heavyweight Championship, that doesn't mean that all of them were ready for the honour at the time of their first reign.

There are plenty of guys out there who never get to hold the gold in WWE, and others are more than good enough to do so, but the call comes at the wrong time.

Let it be known that we honestly do believe that all five of these men are phenomenal in-ring performers, and they all deserve to go into the Hall of Fame someday.

However, when they first took possession of the world title, they just weren't ready for the weight of the situation. Some may call that harsh, but that's the wonderful thing about opinions.

With that being said, here are five WWE stars who weren't ready for their first world title.

#5 Sheamus

The Celtic Warrior
The Celtic Warrior

When Sheamus first came through the doors of WWE, it was clear to see that he was going to become a household name pretty quickly.

The Irishman had the look, the in-ring talent and the ability to hold himself on the mic - what wasn't to love? He was a big favourite behind the scenes, and that was proven when he was thrust into the WWE Championship picture towards the back end of 2009.

Very few people could've anticipated that he'd actually win the strap from John Cena, but that's exactly what happened.

The Celtic Warrior's fluke victory in their tables match felt a little bit cheap, and while it was nice to see a new face at the top of WWE, it didn't feel like Sheamus was able to carry himself as well as he did during his later reigns.

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