5 WWE Studio movies that were actually good

WWE Studios
WWE Studios
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WWE has done a lot of things right. Making movies featuring their superstars is just not one of those things though. Over the years WWE has produced movies that range from mediocre to bad. In the midst of these stinkers though, there have been a few movies that did entertain and restore the faith of the fanbase.

With Fighting With My Family stepping up the game, WWE Studios looks to be headed in the right direction. Whether they maintain the momentum or not remains to be seen but as we wait, let's take a look back at some of the WWE movies that were actually good.

#5 Santa's Little Helper

A cheery Christmas affair
A cheery Christmas affair

Following their tradition of a Christmas movie, the WWE came out with Santa's Little Helper.

The Miz and Paige star in this light-hearted Christmas comedy which is WWE Studios' take on the Christmas Carol. It's the tale of redemption and becoming Santa's right-hand man, of course. The Miz fits the role of the obnoxious but secretly good-hearted Dax 'The Axe' really well. His acting skills are on full display here as he goes from a slick businessman to a competitor in the contest to become Santa's second-in-command.

There are, of course, negatives to this film. Paige's acting is the highlight of these negatives. She is wooden in her role as the bad elf on campus and never quite comes across as a threat. Other than that though, the film comprises fine performances by AnnaLynne McCord and Eric Keenleyside.

While this movie isn’t going to win any awards for originality, as a Christmas movie, it does a stellar job. Its plot may be a little thin on the ground but kids, big and small, will undoubtedly love this fun and funny flick.

All in all, Santa's Little Helper is a feel-good Christmas movie that definitely garners a one-time watch.

#4 The Marine 2

An R-rated adventure
An R-rated adventure

From the world of comedy to the world of action. The Marine film series has a very love-hate relationship with the viewers.

Given the WWE Studios' history, it's easy to be cynical about The Marine 2. Lack of budget, second-rate acting and generally bad writers and directors have given WWE movies a bad name. The Marine 2, however, allays those fears and manages to offer a well made, technically impressive and skillfully performed action film.

While this sequel to John Cena's action flick isn't a creative masterpiece, it certainly is entertaining, even more so than the first.

This sequel features Ted DiBiase in an R-rated fiesta of ass-kicking. The presentation is what makes the film really stand out. Despite its lower budget, the film looks and feels epic. With a tight-knit narrative, the film is better than a majority of WWE films to date.

If you're a WWE fan or just looking for an action-packed movie, this film might very well be worth checking out.

#3 Oculus

An exceptional horror outing for the WWE
An exceptional horror outing for the WWE

β€œOculus” is a gaping exception to WWE's generally second rate movie history. It was WWE's foray into the supernatural horror genre which released in 2013. This Karen Gillan-starrer not only manages to enthrall the audience, but it also does so without depending on jump scares. The whole movie has a creepy, macabre feel to it.

The story's chilly atmosphere revolves around the experiences of two characters and a very ominous mirror. The audiences are just as hoodwinked by the haunted object as the would-be victims. The film revolves around the family of a young woman, played by Karen Gillan, that is haunted by horrific visions and eventually becomes psychotic.

The film was such a massive hit with the audience it even garnered a Bollywood remake by the name of Doobara, featuring Huma Qureshi and Lisa Ray! That film did not do so well at the theatres though.

The film made around $44 million worldwide despite a budget of only $4 million. It earned back almost its entire budget in its opening weekend.

All in all, Oculus is a great movie and definitely deserves a prime spot in any horror movie enthusiast's viewing list.

#2 The Scorpion King

The Rock's first outing with WWE Studios
The Rock's first outing with WWE Studios

The Rock had to make it somewhere on this list, right? The Great One has put out some outstanding movies over time but his first outing with the WWE Studios was the pioneer to his acting career.

Set 5000 years before The Mummy and The Mummy Returns, this film was the first major successful outing for WWE Studios as well as The Rock. With a budget of just 60 million, the movie went on to earn a whopping 163 million at the Box Office.

The Rock played Mathayus on the rise to become the Scorpion King. It can be argued that this is the film that helped Dwayne's transition from a wrestling character to a full-fledged actor.

While not the best of The Rock's heavy arsenal of good movies, this film does warrant a watch even if it's just to see the budding phase of a great acting career.

#1 That's What I Am

Arguably the best movie by WWE Studios so far.
Arguably the best movie by WWE Studios so far.

Surprisingly poignant for a movie produced by WWE Studios, this is the kind of movie that you have to see all the way through to realize how great it truly is. A tear-jerker, That's What I Am draws you in and captivates you with its characters in a way that's rare for films nowadays.

Everything from the cast to the writers fit in the story narrative perfectly. It is arguably the best movie by WWE so far. Ed Harris delivers a touching and brilliant performance. Randy Orton's role as Ed Freel, while short, was played out to perfection and one can see how much Randy Orton has grown as an actor.

A far cry from the usual WWE content, this movie is the foremost reason to still have hope that WWE Studios can come around and create brilliant cinema.

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