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5 WWE Superstar who need a Heel turn in 2018

Gokul Nair
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Rollins' heel turn elevated him in a huge way.

The image and portrayal of wrestlers have changed as the years have passed, but the standard formula of the persona has remained the same.

The classic dynamic of the wrestler's attitude, whether it be a face or heel has helped the viewers enjoy the pro wrestling business in a stellar fashion. The antics of the heel combined with the resilience of the face have helped in improving the build for the feuds.

As we head into the post WrestleMania season, there are several boxes that the company needs to tick, with the change of characters for a few wrestlers being one of them.

The WWE Universe have tried their best to voice their opinions in several ways, but unfortunately, it has proven to be in vain so far. Here are some of the wrestlers that need to turn heel soon before the fans lose faith in them.

#5 Roman Reigns

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The hatred for Reigns grows day by day

The conundrum of Roman Reigns has been a mysterious puzzle so far. Despite the Big Dog being a fairly good in-ring performer, he has been the victim of severe fan backlash for quite some time now through no fault of his own.

Reigns has led the talent-filled roster ever since his run as a singles wrestler. His singles run consisting of multiple title victories have not met with the expected response due to the extreme push the Samoan has been provided with the continuous portrayal as a face.

The build-up of Reigns as an invincible face is yet to reap any benefits with the WWE stalling his pursuit to dethrone Brock Lesnar as the Universal Champion.

A heel turn could do wonders for the Grand Slam Champion at the moment and with Summerslam in sight, the WWE could set Reigns up with a top babyface to truly cement him as a villain.

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