5 WWE Superstars and their children who could dominate the company in the future

Several families could invade WWE in the near future
Several families could invade WWE in the near future

Dominik and Rey Mysterio have been pushing through the ranks in WWE over the past few years. The duo have already lifted the Tag Team Championships as a father and son duo and could now be preparing for a feud against each other in the near future.

While Dominik and Rey are the first father and son tag team to lift gold in the company, they are not the first family to make a dent in the business and will certainly not be the last.

Several up-and-coming children of WWE Superstars could join forces and become the next real-life family to rise to the top. With that in mind, here are five WWE Superstars and their children who could dominate the company in the future.

#5. Stephanie McMahon and her daughter Aurora

Stephanie McMahon is currently the co-CEO of WWE after her father retired last month. McMahon has been a part of the company her whole life and has recently watched her husband Triple H and her father retire from in-ring competition.

Despite not wrestling since WrestleMania back in 2018, McMahon is yet to officially announce her retirement from the ring, and it could be so that she can be there for her daughter when she's ready to debut. Aurora Rose is the oldest daughter of Triple H and Stephanie and has been training for the business for several years.

The 16-year-old could be ready to join the company in a few years time and her mother will be prepared to take the young star under her wing.

#4. Santino Marella and his daughter Arianna Grace

Santino Marella was one of the company's most popular stars throughout his time in the company. So much so that the former Champion has now inspired his own daughter to make her way to WWE as well.

Bianca Carelli recently received her new in-ring name, Arianna Grace, and has been building her reputation on NXT in recent months. Her father has made it clear that he would be open to returning to WWE if he is able to drop his Santino Marella name, and the opportunity to team up with his daughter could be enough to lure him back.

Santino helped train his daughter and has been her biggest supporter throughout her career, so it would be fitting for him to join her on the main stage and help her adjust to the spotlight.

#3. WWE legend The Rock and his daughter Ava Raine

The Rock has to make his return in the near future. There has been so much hype surrounding his return to the company that it seems a sure thing at this point.

However, The Rock has more than just Roman Reigns to return for at this point. His daughter Simone recently made her NXT debut and is now looking to follow in his footsteps.

The first-ever fourth-generation star is already making history and could break several glass ceilings with her father at her side, especially if she comes up against the likes of Natalya and Charlotte Flair, who are also from rich wrestling blood.

It's unclear how The Rock and Ava Raine will cross paths when he returns to WWE, but it would be nice to see the two stars interact on-screen.

#2. Goldberg and his son Gage

There's already a storyline in place that would allow Gage to step into a WWE ring, as The Icon's son was attacked by Bobby Lashley at SummerSlam last year. Goldberg was able to defeat Lashley in his return match and make a statement of his own, but Gage is yet to exact his own revenge.

Goldberg recently noted that his current WWE deal is yet to expire and his next match could include his son. Gage has already been in a wrestling ring, and being the son of Goldberg, he's clearly prepared for a run in the business.

Goldberg and Gage up against Rey Mysterio and Dominik could be an interesting encounter, and it could allow both men to finally pass the torch to the next generation.

#1. Lacey Evans and her daughter Summer

Lacey Evans recently took maternity leave in order to welcome her daughter Sunny, but the SmackDown star already has a daughter called Summer, who has featured on WWE TV several times in the past.

Summer has spent some time on the road with her mother in recent years and has been part of some high-profile storylines as well. Summer is still quite young, so she may not be added to a feud anytime soon.

However, Dominik Mysterio was only eight years old when he was part of a storyline for the first time, and it was enough for him to decide that this was the career that he wanted to pursue.

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