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5 famous WWE superstars who have never participated in the Royal Rumble match

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The Royal Rumble match is undoubtedly the most successful gimmick match in the history of wrestling. The match is the reason for Royal Rumble being one of WWE's 'big-4' pay-per-view.

While battle royales are often meaningless and unimpressive, ‘Rumble’ matches have consistently turned out to be stellar. This 30-superstar fight has been a treat for the WWE fans over the years, providing unforgettable moments.

One of the biggest events on the WWE calender
One of the biggest events on the WWE calender

Since the number of competitors in a 'Royal Rumble' match is quite large, there is adequate place for much of the roster. Hence, it has proven to be a great opportunity for WWE to showcase its talent; it has used the match to introduce new talent or make unexpected returns. The match has accounted for great debuts such as the arrival of AJ Styles in 2016; it has also seen surprise entrants as Beth Phoenix, who for the record, did not only enter in 2010, but also went on to eliminate The Great Khali.

Hence, it comes as a surprise that some famous men have never been a part of the match. Although they have spent years in the WWE. Here is a list of 5 former/present WWE stars who never have been a part of the Royal Rumble match.

#5 Curt Hawkins

Curt Hawkins has never participated in any Royal Rumble
Curt Hawkins has never participated in any Royal Rumble

Curt Hawkins' WWE career has seen him have multiple runs with the company in a decade.. While he is a 1-time WWE Tag Team Champion, his most impressive feat lies in losing rather than winning. To be more precise, he has the longest 'losing-streak' in the modern era with over 200 loses in a row.

Moreover, he has wrestled over 350+ times in WWE, but he has still never had the privilege to be a part of the Royal Rumble match.

Anyway, pro-wrestling runs on a never-say-never attitude, so he may enter the Royal Rumble one day, if only to put another feather to his amazing losing-streak.

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