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5 WWE Superstars That Need To Be Fired

Five superstars who need to move on.

Top 5 / Top 10 03 Oct 2016, 15:42 IST
Please, someone, please...just cut your losses

No matter what type of business or industry you work in, there are two things that happen within every company on the face of the earth, employees are hired and employees are fired. Just as there's a need to create a stable workforce and have a staff that is invested in the long-term betterment of the company, there will always be a time and a place in which you have to simply trim the fat, so to speak.

Whether it be due to incompetence, or lack of effort, or maybe just a mutual agreement that it's time to move on. There's also those times when it doesn't make sense, from a financial standpoint to keep a particular staff member. Regardless of the circumstance, we've all either been fired, or know someone who has been fired. While it's not a pleasant topic of discussion, it is a topic that has to be brought up, from time to time.

When it comes to professional wrestling, the average length of a superstar’s career can range anywhere from 7 years to 15 years and beyond, depending on several factors,  including booking, need, adaptability and most importantly, skill level. With that said,  the WWE currently has a long list of signed talent between both main rosters, the current active NXT roster, as well as the NXT rookies that are in-training.

Never before has the company had such a stacked set of rosters, which allows for a lot of much-needed diversity, in terms of how the booking process is done. Simply put, if one idea doesn't work, they have more than enough resources to move on to plan B, plan C, D and so on. Vince McMahon and company have a very good problem on their hands, by having more than enough talent on the payroll.

Every year, usually around early-to-mid May, there's a very tense period amongst the WWE locker rooms. Some call it WWE's version of "Black Friday." It's a period of time in which WWE's powers that be crunch numbers, evaluate talent and make the difficult decision of who stays and who goes. While most of the WWE Superstars keep a job, there are some who are wished well on their future endeavours.

This year, Damien Sandow was one of the unexpected names called to the carpet and given his marching orders. This is proof that when the time comes, no one is completely safe from that dreaded call to the office.

Despite there being a process in place by which the company releases select talent, there are still those who slide through the cracks. There are some who probably need to be let go, but for one reason or another, they live to see another undeserved day as a WWE Superstar. This is a look at 5 of those WWE Superstars who deserve to be let go. 

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