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5 WWE superstars who almost died in the ring

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Some WWE Superstars have come perilously close to death
Some WWE Superstars have come perilously close to death

In case you haven't heard, professional wrestling is fake. That's what every person who doesn't understand the business and the art would have you believe. But, there's a vast difference between fake and scripted. While the storylines are scripted, the risks that professional wrestlers undertake on a day to day basis is very very real.

In fact, there are instances where in-ring performers nearly left this world and can count themselves very lucky to still be amongst the world of the living. Today, we're here to relive these harrowing moments and celebrate the fact that these WWE superstars lived to tell the tale.

So, without any further ado, here is our list of 5 WWE superstars who almost died in the ring:

#5) The Big Show

When you're someone the size of The Big Show, you expect him to be the one doing the damage rather than being on the receiving end of a devastating move. But, back when he was wrestling in WCW in 1998, he very nearly died during a match against Kevin Nash.

With Big Daddy Cool botching his signature Jackknife Powerbomb, Show landed square on his head. The impact nearly broke his neck - something that would have had catastrophic consequences for The World's Largest Athlete.

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