5 WWE Superstars who can lead the women's revolution in 2017

Will the Wicked Witch carry women’s wrestling to new heights?
Riju Dasgupta

Women’s Wrestling has reached new heights this year! Heights that it has never touched in the entirety of its existence. However, to be honest, it has primarily been a one-woman show (two if one were to include Sasha Banks in the second half of 2016).

Charlotte Flair has carried the company on her back with an undefeated PPV streak.

We’re sure 2017 will usher in new programs that may/may not include the genetically superior one! Which new WWE female superstar will carry the mantle this year? Let’s look at some contenders, shall we?

Honourable Mention: Carmella

Carmella just barely misses out on being a top 5 contender

Carmella has transformed from being Enzo/Cass’s lovable valet (and a rather green performer) during her NXT days to an evil, malicious heel character. The best part is, this role fits her far better than her babyface persona ever did in the past.

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The only reason she does not make our countdown is because she still has a long way to go in terms of her in-ring work (which is lacking). However, she can cut a promo with the best of them and is improving by the day.

Her program with Nikki Bella has been intense, long, drawn out, but definitely not boring. Maybe not 2017, but if Carmella improves at this rate, 2018 may well be her year!

#5 Becky Lynch

Despite the brand split, Becky hasn’t been able to make her mark

Becky Balboa, with her exceptional wrestling ability and even better punning ability, is a WWE crowd favourite. As the first women’s champion on Smackdown Live, the WWE Universe was completely behind her at every step.

However, sometimes it seems like WWE is afraid to take a chance with her at the top (maybe because of her thick Irish accent?). Could she be in a holding pattern right now, before she gets her moment under the sun in 2017?

We know that Becky Lynch has the skills and the aptitude to lead the women’s division to new heights. We really want to see WWE take a chance with her, by making Becky the face of the Women’s division.

Becky Lynch works better as an underdog, and the key is to book her in the right manner.

#4 Asuka

When she’s called up, Asuka is sure to make quite an impression

Paul Heyman was recently asked if he was considering more ‘Paul Heyman guys’. As a response, Heyman brought up the possibility of a Paul Heyman girl, sending shockwaves across the internet.

Many speculated that Asuka was in Heyman’s crosshairs, considering that the only department she lacks in, is cutting coherent promos in the English language. One thing she does not lack though, is in-ring ability.

Asuka may, without a doubt, be the best worker in the women’s division, not just in NXT but across the main roster as well, even if you include both Raw and Smackdown Live. She’s been booked as an undefeated, dominant wrestler in NXT who’s cocky and brash.

We’re sure that when she’s called up, she’ll be booked in the very same manner as well! If Paul Heyman were to be at her side, her push would be completely unstoppable. Even if Paul Heyman wasn’t by her side, she could still lead the Women’s Revolution.

#3 Emmalina

There’s never been a more anticipated debut

When Emma played a tough biker chick in NXT, we had seen that she was a great hand in the ring.

Remember her brilliant Takeover match against Asuka? She definitely had the looks and the ability to go inside the squared circle. However, there was always something lacking in Emma’s character that did not translate into her being a top level player like Charlotte or Sasha Banks.

We believe that the Emmalina character may just be what she’s been lacking thus far. Emma looks hotter than ever in this new avatar of hers and has the WWE Universe buzzing with her vignettes.

Her inclusion into the Raw Women’s Division will help spice things up at the top of the roster (which has just seen Charlotte and Sasha going back and forth). If Emma can catapult her momentum to make it to the top of the women's division, there would be no stopping her.

#2 Alexa Bliss

The Smackdown Live Women’s Champion has a very bright future ahead of her

Alexa Bliss is the most improved superstar this year, for sure. With the exception of maybe Braun Strowman, nobody else has benefited from the brand split like Bliss has. In almost no time, WWE put the Women’s Championship on the ‘Wicked Witch of WWE’, also known as ‘Baby Trish’!

Alexa Bliss has shown that not only can she put on great matches, but she can fit into absolutely any role, be it cutting promos (an in-ring promo or a Talking Smack One) or even joining the commentary desk and outshining full-time announcers.

We know that WWE has a lot invested in Bliss, considering how soon she got a chance to be at the top of the division.

Even during the emotional moment when she won the Women’s Championship, an emotional Alexa Bliss appeared on Talking Smack, broke character for a minute and slipped back into judgemental heel mode almost instantly.

Can she lead the Women's Revolution? Hell yeah! She sure can!

Honourable Mention #2: Charlotte and Sasha Banks

This is, quite obviously, the safe answer

Yes, both Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks will probably be integral parts of the Women’s Revolution come 2017, especially the former. Both of them, however, will need new opponents to work with, which is pretty much the purpose of this countdown article.

Both of these women have redefined women’s wrestling and taken it to newer heights. Both of them have earned their coveted place in the pro-wrestling history books. But who will join them at the top?

Let’s move on to our number 1 pick!

#1 Bayley

The Huggable One can surely transform Women’s Wrestling

Bayley may just be the most loved babyface in the history of Women's Wrestling in WWE, who hasn’t won a single main roster championship.

Her character is unique and endearing. We also know that she can put on absolutely stunning matches in the ring (the Takeover: Brooklyn match between Sasha Banks and Bayley is probably the greatest match in women’s wrestling, in my opinion).

She’s been out of the limelight for most of 2016, waiting in the wings for her opportunity to shine bright! Now that she's in a program with Charlotte, it’s her chance to be a main event player. Hopefully, she’ll move out of the ‘Bayley Bear’ program with Alicia Fox, for good. Nobody wants that (except Noam Dar).

Hey, we want some Bayley!

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