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5 WWE Superstars who might fare better in the Indys

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Neville is perfect as a villain.
Neville is perfect as a villain

As of this writing, it is still not confirmed, but Neville's exit rumour could lead many WWE Superstars to follow him outside the WWE. Neville has been the main highlight of the cruiserweight division ever since he joined it. He took the role of the bad guy perfectly and became the king of the cruiserweights.

He became a reason for people to tune into cruiserweight division which was faltering before his arrival. His feud with Austin Aries was one of the best feuds of the cruiserweight division, they both together delivered some very good matches yet most of the time Neville found his matches relegated to pre-shows of the PPV and could hardly found himself main eventing Raw.

There was a report that he was quite unhappy for a while with one of the reasons being his match with Double-A being left off the official Wrestlemania 33 DVD. Moreover, with Enzo getting more attention and main eventing three Raw in a row, despite Neville deserving it more may have resulted in him deciding to try his luck outside WWE. If the rumours do turn out to be true, it could affect other superstars within WWE too, who are not being utilized and they could follow the same path as of Neville.

Here we take a look at those five superstars who may be tempted by the life outside WWE.

#5 Rusev

Rusev's days may be numbered in WWE
Rusev's days may be numbered in WWE

Rusev is a very talented wrestler and is one who should be given a push, but somehow the WWE officials do not seem to be much interested in him. He has been largely underutilized and has been involved many meaningless feuds. He was once booked dominant but since his loss to John Cena at Wrestlemania 31, he has fallen to the bottom of the mid-card. His favourite thing nowadays is being RKOed outta nowhere, which he does excel at selling.

Hope his hard work gets recognized and he gets his much-needed pus. If not, the life outside WWE will be much better for him.

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