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5 WWE Superstars who could help bolster the NXT roster

NXT is a great product, but after being raided during the brand extension, it lost a lot of its star power.

Apollo Crews during his days in NXT.
Apollo Crews needs to put in more time in NXT

NXT has been great at helping build new stars, but the developmental brand has had trouble rebuilding its roster ever since it was depleted for the brand extension. Some Superstars were called up too soon, and they have been struggling ever since.

The main roster is pretty crowded at the moment. Every division has more competition than the company can feature each week, which leads to a lot of deserving talents sitting on the sidelines when they could be putting on great matches.

Instead of worrying about which NXT Superstars are ready to be called up, WWE should be trying to figure out how to help NXT become the hot commodity it was two years ago. With Samoa Joe having officially signed a Raw contract, he leaves the main event scene looking sparse.

Shinsuke Nakamura and Bobby Roode are great, but they can only have so many matches before people will get tired of their feud. Other than the soon-to-return Hideo Itami, NXT doesn't have too many options for main event programs.

This slideshow will look at five Superstars from the main roster and how they can help the NXT roster while they wait for a chance to shine on Raw or SmackDown.

#5 Jack Swagger

Despite the way Jack Swagger has been booked in recent years, his resume is pretty impressive. As a former US, ECW and World Champion, as well as having won a Money in the Bank match, Swagger can bring some experience to the NXT product.

His technical ability has never been in question, but his character needs some work. Swagger can take some time to work out the kinks in NXT, while he helps some of the younger wrestlers on the roster find their way.

Tyson Kidd was able to revitalise himself in NXT before being brought back to the main roster with a new sense of purpose, and Swagger can get the same thing out of a short run in the developmental system.

With how hot the NXT product has been for the past three years, Swagger can get himself on television a lot more when he is the experienced veteran, compared to the rest of the locker room. Considering he has no storyline at the moment, there is no downside to taking him off the SmackDown roster for a little while.

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