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5 WWE Superstars who didn't last more than a month

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How about a little magic with your wrestling?

None of us really know what goes on in a creative meeting or how Vince McMahon and company come up with different gimmicks. And a lot of these gimmicks leave the fans scratching their heads and wondering what they were thinking.

What may seem like a brilliant idea in the meeting room and on paper, just doesn't seem to translate well to the ring and on camera.

That is why there have been a number of Superstars who hit the ropes and were gone in less than a month.

#5 Hade Vansen

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This guy really could have been something special

Even some of the biggest wrestling fans may not remember Hade Vansen and that is simply due to the fact that he never even made it into the ring. A number of vignettes aired for him and he even started his WWE career by calling out The Undertaker of all people, but he never had a chance to do a single thing about it.

Vansen was actually going to debut with a couple of followers who were set to be Black Pain in a mask and Kevin Thorn who were going to be a gang of X-Men style mutants. Each week, Vansen would send one to attack The Undertaker before facing the "Deadman" himself at WrestleMania 25.

After a couple of vignettes, WWE put the character "on hold" and Vansen was eventually released before having a single match. Not too long, Black Pain and Thorn would both get their walking papers too.

This honestly had so much potential, but it just wasn't meant to be.

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