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5 WWE Superstars who failed in TNA

Sarah Hirsch
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Booker T’s time in TNA wasn’t memorable

Whether it was before or after WWE, all that glitters isn’t always gold. Many talents take to TNA if they are not with WWE in hopes of trying to have a successful pro wrestling career. Some gained traction in WWE only to do better in TNA. 

If there is anything about TNA that has been consistent, they know how to capitalise on WWE Free Agents. In TNA’s infancy, the selling point of their weekly PPV’s was to tune in to see a released WWE Superstar making their debut for the company. Raven and D’Lo Brown are two debuts that come to my mind in terms of impact and creating a firestorm for TNA. However, WWE was quick to throw in their 90-day no compete clause for that very reason. But even today TNA is quick to snatch up those who have been tossed to the side by WWE.

History goes to show that over the years there were WWE Superstars who went to TNA after WWE and did considerably well. Bobby Lashley, Gail Kim, Brooke Adams, Matt Hardy and Christian were some of the names who would have success in the number two promotion. EC3 is another former Superstar who has reaped the benefits of signing with the company. With Cody and Brandi Rhodes having debuted for the company at this past Sunday’s Bound for Glory PPV, the buzz is in the air about their future should TNA stay afloat amidst the rumours of folding.

For every bunch of success stories comes one who got the short end of the stick in that deal. Their stint would fail in some shape or fashion.  Whether it was bad storylines, or it just wasn’t the right time, they would experience the opposite of what so many have done. 

Who are some of the former WWE Superstars who didn’t find success in TNA? Here they are.

#1 T.J. Perkins

Did you know that this was TJP?  Now you do.

TJP was on fire as the first WWE Cruiserweight Champion. The Cruiserweight Classic was one of the hottest things going on this summer and TJP would be the sleeper winner over the likes of Kota Ibushi and Zack Sabre Jr. But did you know that he was in TNA as part of the X Division?

If you didn’t know, there is a good reason why. TJP was the face behind the mysterious Manik. I know, talk about a mind blow. As Manik, TJP wowed crowds in the X Division but didn’t find much success past that. However, he is now reaping the rewards considering his veteran status.

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