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5 WWE Superstars Who Handled Their Release Well & 2 Who Didn't

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Big Cass opened up about his release from the company

WWE releases superstars for various reasons, whether it's misconduct, creative reasons or simply a "cleanout" of Superstars that they aren't doing too much with. Sometimes, it's nothing personal, sometimes superstars who are frustrated ask for a release.

You have instances with superstars such as Cody Rhodes who request their release, take it with stride and make a bigger name for themselves and establish themselves as one of the biggest stars in wrestling. For Cody, however, he belongs to an elite few. He earns more outside WWE than he did in the company, so there's little incentive to go back.

Either way, superstars either fold and quit their wrestling career or they do their thing and improve themselves and eventually return to WWE. Some, however, don't do as well. Either an alternate career is attempted and doesn't work out or sometimes they don't handle their release particularly well.

It should be noted that most superstars generally do leave WWE on good terms, whether released or not. In this list we look at both sides of the coin.

#1 Simon Gotch: Handled Well

Simon Gotch had developed gotten involved in a couple of incidents backstage

Simon Gotch was part of The Vaudevillians, who by all means wasn't put in a place to succeed greatly. Either way, Simon Gotch had developed a bad reputation after getting involved in a backstage fight with Sin Cara.

He even had a bit of drama backstage at WrestleMania 33 weekend as well. Unfortunately, things weren't working out for Gotch in the WWE and he was released shortly thereafter. However, what surprised some fans was that in interviews post-release, Gotch didn't speak negatively of WWE at all. In fact, he was very composed and mature with his responses, stating that the release was mutual as he wasn't very happy either.

He stated that sometimes things don't work out and you have to take opportunities that come. He was even happy that his release helped Aiden English showcase what he had as a singles talent.

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