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5 WWE/TNA Superstars who love to put themselves through pain

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There are some wrestlers who love pain in the ring

In professional wrestling, it’s all about selling a match. Everything a performer does in the ring is predicated on the fact that moves most look authentic. When someone drops and elbow, it needs to look like it took the breath out of his opponent.

When they hit the turnbuckle, they should writhe in pain. And when they are hit with a lariat, they must sell it like it took their head off.

Some wrestlers were masters at it. Others sold too much and made the moves look silly. Then, there were those who went the extra mile to make sure fans were not only entertained, but showed that the moves in the ring could serious hurt someone.

There is a reason for disclaimers in professional wrestling. Sometimes, “Do not try this at home” is just an invitation for fans to experiment, just to see if it’s real or not. Trust me, from someone who has had a few holds attempted on me in the past, some things just hurt like hell.

Some wrestlers love the notion of pain. They thrive on the idea of getting beaten up, injuring an opponent or going to great lengths to “feel” like they were in a war. These five wrestlers are synonymous with the art of feeling pain in their matches.

#5 Abyss

Abyss has been TNA’s long-time power of pain

TNA’s answer to Kane is in a class by himself. The man who appears to be superhuman in his ability in the ring isn’t afraid to mix it up with objects and pain.

The “Monster’s Ball” match is designed in his honor, where anything from broom handles to thumbtacks are used to beat down an opponent. You have to be this close to crazy to “want” to be in a match like this.

While TNA has struggled over the years with ratings, it has not been because of this guy, whose antics and risks have made him a continued favorite with the fans.

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