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5 Current WWE Superstars who perform the best German Suplex

A high impact move that always grabs your attention, the German Suplex is a fan favourite

Lou Thesz was an innovator in pro-wrestling

Technically known as a belly-to-back waist lock suplex, a german suplex is a thing of beauty. A move innovated by Lou Thesz and popularized by Karl Gotch, german suplex can be categorized as one of the few maneuvers that is simple yet devastating. Also, what adds to its charm is the fact that it can come out of nowhere.

The German suplex used to be an integral part of WCW’s Cruiserweight division. It was also widely used during the later parts Attitude Era and the Ruthless Aggression Era thanks to names like Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle who were taking the wrestling world by storm at that time.

Though its use has diminished in today’s WWE – an issue which we will be talking about later in this article –  there are still some Superstars who are using this maneuver to great effect. 

Here is a lowdown on 5 of them.

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