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5 WWE Superstars over the age of 40 who prove that age is just a number

Gary Cassidy
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Some of these Superstars may have stepped into The New Day's time machine

Okay, so it's no secret that wrestling really takes its toll on the body. By virtue, the longer a wrestler performs for, and the older they get, the less attractive it should be to watch as they may miss a step or not be able to stay in great shape for as long.

Well, there are a load of Superstars in WWE who prove that longevity can definitely be achieved - and these five over 40s prove it.

Honourable mentions here go to the veterans of the game like Kane, Goldust and Big Show who are all over 45 and still put on good matches several times per year.

For the purpose of this, though, I've chosen five men who are on television almost every week and, to the untrained eye, you'd never think were over 40. I should also mention Brock Lesnar, he doesn't make the list because he's not full time - but is also in great shape and over 40. For this reason, Chris Jericho also misses out. When Y2J is back in WWE, he will definitely make the list!

One more honourable mention goes to Samoa Joe who is 39 years old at the time of writing, but I'm sure he won't mind missing out.

#5 Bobby Roode

Despite being 40, Bobby Roode is still GLORIOUS!

Well, this one may not come to a surprise for some, but to any wrestling fans who watch WWE exclusively, it might be pretty shocking to discover that Bobby Roode is 40 years old, soon to be 41 on May 11th.

While Roode is still in the infancy of his main roster run, and even his WWE career really, he's seemingly taken on new life since joining WWE in April 2016. The Glorious persona has definitely revamped the veteran performer from his TNA days - and he's never looked better!

Age is definitely just a number for Bobby Roode, and we could see him around for many years to come.

Bobby R
Bobby Roode went straight to the top in NXT
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