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5 WWE Superstars who will be great in the future

Marc Madison
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How great will Big Cass be?

One of the biggest challenges that wrestlers face is the ability to break through what is called the ‘glass ceiling'.

For a number of men in WWE, they are being used, but it feels as though there is so much more they can do. Some wrestlers don't stand out; perhaps they just don't have the special quality that others on the roster possess, the ‘X factor’.

However, some WWE superstars do have it, something that makes them better than the rest. In a number of cases, ‘it' can be seen in a few particular wrestlers, even if they aren't booked in a manner that showcases it just yet. Does that mean things will eventually go their way?

We can only hope so, as they consistently demonstrate these traits match after match and appearance after appearance. Though they may be in tag teams or are simply booked away from the main event right now, their time in the spotlight may eventually come. Here are five particular wrestlers that are on the cusp of greatness.

#5 Rich Swann 

Can we handle just how great Rich Swann will be?

Fans are not likely to know much about the story of Rich Swann's life, and how tough it has been. Still, what he is able to do in the ring says more about him than anything else. Swann may seem unassuming because of his height and weight, but that is far from the reality.

While he may dance and show how much he likes to have fun in the ring, that shouldn't be confused for weakness.

When he steps into the ring he is explosive from bell to bell. He is an engaging and entertaining character that can be relied on as an integral part of the WWE's Cruiserweight division and can do things in the ring that most wrestlers can only dream of.

Swann's greatness isn't in how he walks, talks, or presents himself. He is on the cusp of greatness because he is a combination of heart and skill that is missing in most wrestlers today.

He may lose matches, but that isn't the measure of what makes anyone a success; he may seem like another cog in the cruiserweight division wheel right now, but he is most definitely more. He can turn heads like very few others.

How great can be Swann be? The sky is the limit!

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