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5 WWE superstars who would benefit from a move back to NXT

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Some call-ups have found their footing on the main roster while many have not.
Some call-ups have found their footing on the main roster while many have not.

One harsh reality regarding call-ups from NXT is that they do not all enjoy the same amount of success. Just because someone was amazing and nigh unbeatable in NXT does not mean that it will continue on either RAW or SmackDown. Asuka was undefeated as a member of the yellow brand and it continued until her WrestleMania 34 defeat to Charlotte Flair.

She would then go on to lose two PPV matches to Carmella after she (Carmella) cashed in on Flair. Asuka did pick up the SmackDown Women's Championship at TLC last year, but once again, she lost to Flair to stall her momentum.

The Ascension was a juggernaut down in NXT but has been nothing more than an enhancement team when they appear on programming. The fact is that different people run things on the main roster, so if you were a favorite down in NXT, you might not get the same pushes or chances on RAW or SmackDown.

One problem that has occurred for some stars when they join the main roster is that the call-up is either way too soon or is an experiment that doesn't pan out. While the likes of Alexa Bliss, Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns have prospered on the main roster, everyone that has graduated from the yellow brand has not. Here are five wrestlers that would benefit from going back to NXT.

#5 EC3

EC3 had a short run in NXT.
EC3 had a short run in NXT.

Due to his prowess on the mic, you would have thought that EC3 would have been fine once he was moved to the main roster at the beginning of the year. It's a big reason why he was re-signed to NXT and quickly called up.

But even though he's hilarious and great on the mic, he was barely allowed to speak when given time. The time he was given was also very limited as WWE tried to mesh the new call-ups in with the current rosters of both RAW and SmackDown.

EC3 was lost in the shuffle and has mainly been relegated to chases for the 24/7 Championship. His time in NXT was short, so returning there to build up some good will with management might help his career. Once they see a star's capabilities in storylines, it's easier to project how to use stars on the main roster. In NXT, he primarily battled for the North American title and had a cup of coffee with Kona Reeves. That isn't enough of a sample size.

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