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5 WWE Superstars who have improved their skills in the ring

Sarah Hirsch
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The Miz is one of WWE’s MVP’s

2016 has been quite the year for WWE. Fans have seen many great matches and witnessed insane moments all year long. The brand extension was brought back for the first time in five years. The Women’s Division is seeing its best days, creating history as it progresses. 

Overall it had been a pretty successful year, despite the usual head-scratchers fans have grown used to.

But 2016 was also the year of the new era (I’m still waiting on an official name). Many superstars have evolved and grown through the year, and their hard work has paid off. For me, there wasn’t just one most improved Superstar. There have been several, and each improved in their own way. 

I hope that the trend will continue to improve with 2017 is on the horizon. 

There has been more focus on match quality, and it was most noticeable in the Women’s Division. Pro-wrestling continues to change over time and it most definitely reflects in the company today. Independent stars making their way in also plays a big part in everyone stepping up their game.

With that said there are five Superstars who improved the most, and while it was hard to narrow them down, this is the final result.

#1  Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns and Rusev brought intensity to their feud

I probably lost a lot of cool points with this one, but hear me out here. Even though Reigns continues to receive sabotage booking, fans can’t deny that he has continuously put 110% into his matches. Reigns has put on great performances with Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and even AJ Styles. 

I was a big fan of his feud with Rusev. Rusev took Reigns to the limit, and that was one of the most vulnerable moments we have seen from the Samoan Superman, since his Shield days. There is always room for improvement, and with Reigns, he has definitely become a lot better, especially with the intensity he is capable of bringing. 

If there is anything he needs to focus on more, it is his selling. While he can’t help the way he is booked, making fans believe he’s fought for it will help his case more.

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