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5 WWE Superstars with the most improved promo ability in 2017

Danny Hart
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Roman Re
Roman Reigns and The Usos have come a long way

If there’s one thing WWE fans have learned over the years, it’s that being a good wrestler alone will never be enough for a Superstar to succeed in the company.

Someone can be the greatest in-ring performer in the world but if they can’t captivate an audience with their character or their words, there’s a very good chance that they’ll end up on the WWE scrapheap.

In 2017, largely thanks to shows like Raw Talk and Talking Smack, more and more Superstars have been given a chance to elevate their characters by showing what they can do on the mic.

In this article, we take a look at five performers who have impressed us the most with their promo improvement in 2017.

#5 Big Cass

As is the case with many WWE Superstars, we don’t know how good they really are, whether it be as an in-ring performer or as a believer promo-deliverer, until they’re given sufficient television time to show what they can do.

In 2017, Big Cass stepped out of Enzo Amore’s promo shadow and we finally saw how the 7-footer fared on the mic as a singles Superstar rather than as one-half of a tag team who did 10 percent of the talking.

If there was any doubt if Cass would be good on the mic by himself, those concerns were quickly quashed when he turned against Enzo in June 2017 and delivered his best promo to date.

Cass made fans like him as a good guy and did a brilliant job at making fans despise him as a bad guy, so expect him to receive more and more promo time when he returns from his ACL injury in mid-2018.

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