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5 Superstars WWE should let go this year

Sean Anderman
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It could be time to leave

If we were to think of the Superstars WWE has released in the last few months, talent like Emma, Summer Rae, Darren Young and even James Ellsworth come to mind. It was either talent WWE had nothing to do with or weren't smart choices to release.

WWE's roster is stacked with plenty of talent these days which means a few could leave to possibly boost up others.

Part-timers, Jobbers or anyone that wasn't going to a push anytime soon should be kept in mind when it is time to release talent. This is a harsh reality even the top stars should keep in mind.

Here are five Superstars WWE should let go this year.

#5 Curt Hawkins

He should've stayed on the Indies

The Former Tag Team Champion hasn't done much since returning to the WWE, besides losing every week. I know it's pretty much everyone's dream to make it to WWE at some point, but to lose over and over? It's not fun.

I'm sure he had his reasons for coming back, but to be known as a jobber the rest of your career and constantly showing it off doesn't make sense. At some point this year, WWE should let him go or he should personally leave.

It's not like no one would book him on the indies. Look at his first run a few years ago. He did well for himself and even opened his own wrestling school.

He won titles in many different promotions. He won the TNA Tag Titles with Trevor Lee and a former world champion in promotions like Alpha-1 and PWS.

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