5 WWE women who could debut as Maxxine on SmackDown  

Several women could be unveiled as Maxxine next week on SmackDown
Several women could be unveiled as Maxxine next week on SmackDown
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Max Dupri and his Maximum Male Models have been making headlines since their debut on WWE SmackDown last month. Dupri made the surprise announcement last night as part of the show that he would be unveiling his sister Maxxine next week, which has led to much speculation within the WWE Universe.

Dupri has been pushing his new online application recently, rejecting several names that have been sent his way. Currently just Ma.Ce and Man.Soor appear on the books for Maximum Male Models, but the arrival of his sister Maxxine could spark several women to join the group as well.

Here are just five WWE women who could be revealed as Maxxine next week on SmackDown.

#5. Jinny could make her WWE main roster debut as Maxxine

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Jinny is relatively unknown to the WWE Universe, having worked on the NXT UK brand for seven years. She is best known as being the new wife of Intercontinental Champion Gunther and could be called up to the main roster as Maxxine since she isn't currently well known and could easily be repackaged.

Jinny has shown in various Twitter updates that she is a fan of fashion and could easily fit in well with Max Dupri's modeling agency. This would also allow Jinny to be on the road with her new husband and plant seeds for WWE's next big power couple.

#4. Sonya Deville

Sonya Deville isn't currently doing anything on WWE TV after being fired from her role as an official. Deville has wrestled a few matches on TV in recent weeks but isn't part of an ongoing storyline.

Many women in the locker room are pushing for any kind of opportunity to be on-screen and even though this doesn't seem like a perfect fit for someone like Sonya, her Instagram has proved that she has modeling experience and could definitely pull it off.

Deville was the one who signed Max Dupri up for the role on the SmackDown brand and this could have been her plan B, in case she was removed as an official.

#3. Zelina Vega could make her return as part of MMM

Zelina Vega is the Queen of WWE at present but has been missing from the company for several weeks after revealing that she was forced to undergo a recent surgical procedure. Vega was on the RAW brand alongside Carmella before her hiatus and it's unclear where she would fit back in.

A role as part of a stable like Maximum Male Models would allow her to work on the mic and be on regular episodes of SmackDown whilst also having a decent character. This would be the perfect role for someone like Zelina since she has proven in the past that she can excel in character roles and definitely has a wealth of modeling experience.

#2. Naomi could make her WWE return

Whilst unlikely, Naomi could make her return and be unveiled as Max Dupri's sister. Many of the women in the WWE locker room have modeling experience, but Naomi is also a former dancer and someone who can work on the mic.

She has become well-known in her role as Naomi over the past decade but this could be an opportunity for her to freshen up her character and someone like her could push the new stable forward.

At the moment, Max Dupri is working with two stars who were completely forgotten by creative for several years. As such, the Maxxine role needs to be taken by a female who can control the group and help them dominate SmackDown.

#1. Dana Brooke could be moved over from RAW

Dana Brooke has been chasing the 24/7 Championship for months and is in her sixth reign as Champion at present. Brooke deserves much better than she has been handed on RAW and as someone with modeling and fitness training experience, she would be the perfect addition to this group.

Brooke could bring the 24/7 Championship over to SmackDown and become part of a stable for the first time since Titus Worldwide became something of a flop a few years back.

Brooke has been with the company for almost a decade and in that time she has reinvented herself whenever needed. It's easy to imagine that she could become Maxxine if needed.

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