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5 WWE Women Superstars you probably didn't know once wore a mask

Women wrestlers seldom wear masks, but some of WWE's current top women wrestlers have previously wrestled under a mask.

Sexy Star of Lucha Underground/AAA with her trademark mask
Sexy Star of Lucha Underground/AAA with her trademark mask

There have been multiple masked wrestlers in the WWE - Kane, Vader and Rey Mysterio, are three of the many masked superstars who have graced a WWE ring. While a mask enhances the persona of the wrestler and gives him/her an extra mystique, it is quite unusual that almost all the masked superstars in the WWE have been male.

No women wrestler has had a sustained run under a mask in the WWE. While the luchadoras in Mexico -- like the controversial Sexy Star of Lucha Underground and AAA -- predominantly wear masks, we haven't seen a female superstar come over to the biggest wrestling promotion in the world with one.

But many female WWE superstars have adorned a mask -- albeit rarely. This list takes a look at 5 such superstars.

#1 Bayley

Bayley under a mask in NXT
Bayley under a mask in NXT

Bayley wrestled under a mask only at NXT live events before adopting her fan girl gimmick. She teamed with Paige and Charlotte Flair in January 2013 under a luchador mask and had plans to wrestle in NXT as a luchadora.

However, the plans were scrapped and by June, she was repackaged under her current persona.

Bayley admitted to loving Lucha Libre mainly because her grandmother used to watch the show and that she wanted to wrestle in Mexico one day -- probably under a mask.

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