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5 WWE Wrestlers Who Need To Turn Heel Now

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3.00K   //    14 Oct 2018, 04:15 IST

The WWE has an amazing number of talented wrestlers but not all of them are being used properly. There are plenty of wrestlers on the roster that could turn heel. It's either because someone is naturally better at being a bad guy or they need it to save their careers.

Shawn Michaels' heel turn on Marty Jannetty stands out as one of the best-executed turns of all time and helped launch one of the most successful careers in WWE history.

On Saturday's Super Show-Down event and the subsequent Raw, we have seen The Undertaker, Kane, The Bella Twins, and Bobby Lashley all turn heel. From the list at least four out of five will come as something of surprise to the WWE audience.

Here are 5 WWE wrestlers that need to turn heel now

#5 Asuka


NXT has produced some great wrestlers only for them to win on the main roster. Case in point: Asuka, a wrestler who was a megastar before she even entered the WWE and who was given a monster push in NXT holding the NXT Women's Championship for a record length until an injury forced her to forfeit the title.

Sadly her main roster push was mishandled, first with Asuka losing to Charlotte at WrestleMania 34 then having to put over Carmella. Like many of the wrestlers on this list her character has been harmed by bad booking but there's still time to save her.

She would function well as a heel and the women's roster needs a strong hewl so why not do the obvious? While we can only hope the WWE won't play her off as a foreign menace she needs to turn heel one way or another. Asuka possesses the technical skills that would make her an exotic and formidable opponent for the women's roster on Smackdown or Raw.

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