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5 WWE Superstars who started off as soccer players

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Sasha Banks, Rusev, Sheamus at Etihad
Earlier, Sasha Banks, Sheamus and Rusev visited the Etihad stadium (Picture: Manchester City Official)

For some the superstars, age is just another number and WWE is just another platform they are capable of stepping into even after trying their hands at various different sports. The WWE Raw is the longest running weekly episodic television program that's still on-air and, as such, it has managed to create a solid fan base globally.

Being quite glamourous, it is understandable why people from all walks of life are eventually drawn to it. If they are talented enough, if they manage to regale the crowds enough, they go down in the history of wrestling entertainment as legends.

In America, pro wrestling being as popular it is, several big American football players from the NFL are integrated into WWE once they are done with their professional football careers. It even makes sense as the kind of built one needs for both areas is similar. While people coming in from other sports is rare, Soccer players turning professional wrestlers has happened sometimes.

Here are 5 WWE stars who had an inclination towards Soccer before establishing themselves in the Wrestling entertainment industry.

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