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5 Youngest WWE Champions in history

Sarah Hirsch
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Brock Lesnar started his Championship run early

What were you doing in your twenties? Were you in school, working towards a degree? Or were you working your way up the ranks at your job? Maybe you were discovering the party scene and enjoying the nightlife. Either way, while we’ve experienced a great part of our lives (my twenties were my best time), some of the WWE Superstars were writing history all over again. 

The talents have been evolving and constantly changing the game in the Championship contention. With the WWE Championship, we haven’t seen one of today’ talents fall in the youngest category.  Not yet anyway, and it can change at the drop of a dime. 

In this top five, all the men listed were in their twenties when they captured their first WWF/E Championships. Three of those men were just twenty-six when they won the WWF/E Championship and were separated by months, even days of their age. Let’s take a look at the youngest WWE Champions in history.

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