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6 Best "Big Men" in WWE history

Paul Benson
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The Undertaker has been terrorising WWE for nearly three decades
The Undertaker has been terrorising WWE for nearly three decades

Giant performers have been a part of the fabric of WWE from the company's inception in 1963.

The WWF Champion from 1963-71, Bruno Sammartino was a huge man, standing at just five feet ten inches tall but with unmatched strength. No one could wrest that title off of his waist.

However, many men, far bigger in height and girth have competed in the company in the decades since, dominating the promotion to varying levels of success.

The following slideshow documents the seven greatest monsters to ever wrestle for WWE in the history of the company.

#6 Diesel

Big Daddy Cool - Was dominant in WWE from 1993-96
Big Daddy Cool - Was dominant in WWE from 1993-96

Diesel joined WWE in 1993 as the bodyguard of Shawn Michaels.

Michaels wanted a bit of extra protection in his matches and the seven-foot-tall monster was the perfect fit.

So dominant was Diesel, however, that it wasn't long before he stepped into the ring himself.

He dominated the competition in the 1994 Royal Rumble match as he quickly dispatched seven participants in that match before he was finally eliminated.


Later that year, Diesel became Intercontinental Champion before turning babyface when he tired of Michaels's antics.

The most successful moment of Diesel's WWE career came on November 26, 1994 when he defeated Bob Backlund to win the WWE Championship.

Diesel defended the belt for an entire year against monstrous opponents such as Sid Vicious and the mammoth five hundred pound super heavyweight, Mabel.

After dropping the strap in an electric match with Bret Hart, Diesel became a tweener. With a new bad attitude, "Big Daddy Cool" took no prisoners and delighted in battering his opponents.

However, after drawing the ire of The Undertaker, Diesel finally met his match. Despite dominating large portions of their climatic battle at Wrestlemania XII, Diesel fell to defeat.

He left the company for pastures new in WCW several months later and enjoyed even greater success in that company as a founder member of the New World Order.

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