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6 bold predictions for WWE in 2018

Brian Asmus
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Could The Shield's reunion force WWE to add more factions?
Could The Shield's reunion force WWE to add more factions?

2017 was a mixed bag for the WWE. While there were things they did very right, there were a lot of things they could have done better. The team/friendship of Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens which began in 2016, came to a dramatic finish in 2017.

For example, the festival of friendship was a great way to break up the duo, but the fact that their Wrestlemania match was a United States title match at the beginning of the card rather than being for the Universal title match in the main event, like many people thought it should have been. It's safe to say 2018 will be full of ups and downs.

Some of the best WWE moments are the ones you don't see coming. Here are some predictions of what surprises WWE might have in store for us.

#1 More MMA stars will come to WWE

Ronda Rousey has been rumoured to have signed with the WWE
Ronda Rousey has been rumoured to have signed with the WWE

Over the years there have been many performers in WWE who started in MMA. Dan Severn and Ken Shamrock were the first to make a name in the UFC and then come to the WWE. More recently, we have seen Ronda Rousey make appearances in WWE, and most famously, in a confrontation with Stephanie McMahon at Wrestlemania.

Her friend, Shayna Baszler, made it to the finals of the Mae Young Classic and is starting to be featured on NXT. We can't forget the biggest name to come from UFC, and that's the return of Brock Lesnar.

There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to MMA stars making their way to the WWE. In 2018, we are going to see a lot more of Baszler in NXT, and possibly a title run depending on how she develops as a WWE superstar.

Daniel Cormier has expressed many times how he is a fan of professional wrestling. While he may not sign a contract with WWE in 2018, we could see an appearance similar to Rob Gronkowski's at Wrestlemania this past year. Meanwhile, this could be the year that we see Ronda Rousey perform in a WWE match.

There have been many rumours in 2017 of WWE and Rousey getting closer and closer to a deal. Rousey's star may have diminished over the last couple of years, but her addition to the Women's roster would still be a huge deal for WWE.

The possibilities for big matches are endless, from a renewal of her conflict with Stephanie McMahon, to Becky Lynch toandAsuka, and maybe a showdown between her four horsewomen and Charlotte Flair's four horsewomen. Whether it's Cormier, Rousey, or someone else, look for an MMA star to make an impact in WWE in 2018.

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